Camp 2018 Summer Season

Camp 2018 Is Starting Soon!

Summer fun is fast approaching! Camp starts on Monday, June 25th and ends on August 17th, 2018. This year is going to be a great one! The theme weeks are a blast, campers and counselors alike always go all out for these activities. From dressing up in theme costumes, to playing theme games it is always an exciting time full of fun and laughter. This year’s theme weeks will be no exception so be prepared to have lots of fun! Aside from the theme weeks there are many more surprises up our sleeves that will make this camp year a memorable time. From ‘Cedardale’s Got Talent’, to our ‘Family Night’ to the long awaited ‘Gaga Tournament’ there are fun events happening all the time. All of us at Cedardale Groveland are looking forward to seeing the campers after the long, cold winter we just had. We can’t wait to see our returning campers and how they’ve grown over the year, and we are thrilled to meet our new campers and to welcome them into our summer family here at Cedardale Groveland. See you all soon for the best summer ever!