Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many weeks must a child go to camp?
A. We require that you send your child for a minimum of two weeks. You can send them for any amount over two weeks such as weeks 3, 4, 5, etc.
** The first two weeks of camp must be consecutive!**

Q. Why can’t I send my child on week 2 then week 5?
A. We believe that your child must attend our camp for two consecutive weeks to begin with. This allows your child to be comfortable with our camp environment. After the two consecutive weeks have been completed you can then break up any additional camp weeks. For example, start with weeks 1 & 2 and return for an additional week of camp on week 6.

Q. What is the ratio of campers to counselors?
A. Our camp follows the Massachusetts state guidelines for camper to counselor ratio of five to one for children six years of age or younger and the ratio of ten to one for children seven years of age and older.

Q. What is the Tax ID number for the camp?
A. Cedardale’s Tax ID# is 04-2579229

Q. Can my child be a Leader-In-Training (L.I.T.)?
A- Yes they can if your child meets the requirements and is in good standing. The Leader-In-Training program is for 14 year old campers who are entering 9th grade. To be eligible to be in the Leadership program your child must have been a part of our camp season for the previous camp year (2021) as a camper. They must be accepted into the program and space is limited in the L.I.T. program.

Q. What are the hours of camp?
A. Our camp hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Q. Do you have extended care for my child?
A. Yes we do offer extended care hours. The hours are as follows:
Morning has an early drop off that starts no earlier than 7:30 a.m.  Afternoon has late pickup that ends promptly at 5:30 p.m.  During extended hours campers are combined and the counselors may vary day to day.  A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged after 5:30 p.m. The cost for 2022 extended camp care is $70.00 per week, per child.

Q. Do you offer Bus Transportation?
A. Bus transportation is available to certain towns that surround Groveland. You can check out the bus routes online. Click here. Or locate ‘Bus Transporation’ on the left hand side of our ‘About Our Camp’ home page.  The bus route times are available on the Online Day Travel form that must be filled out for each camper.  The Online Day Travel Form is located under ‘Forms and Documents’ in your CampinTouch account.  The cost for 2022 bus transportation is $70.00 per week, per child.

Q. What if my child gets sick or hurt at camp?
A. We have a camp health supervisor on staff during the camps normal camp hours of 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for minor medical problems. Minor injuries are treated, monitored and logged in our camp health book.  In the event of an emergency we will attempt to notify you and/or the emergency contact person.

If your child vomits or has a fever, they must be picked up from camp. Please do not send your child/children to camp if they are not feeling well. We thank you for your support in helping us maintain a healthy camp:)

Q. When do I need to send my child’s health forms in to camp?
A. Form A, the Cedardale Groveland child history form must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian. The up-to-date immunization records along with a physical examination within the past 18 months, must be signed by your child’s physician. All forms must be in our health office by June 1st. This is required by state law and your child may not attend camp until we receive all the required health records.

Q. Can I send medications to camp?
A. If your child needs to take medication during the camp day, has an inhaler and/or EPI-PEN, you may bring it in to the camp health office. It must be in its original container. Please no plastic bags! Campers that require the administration of medication while at camp, need a medical release form signed by their parent/guardian. Please include the instructions on the administration of the medicine. The health office will also need a Permission for Prescribed Medication form filled out by your child’s physician or authorized provider if they will be taking prescribed medication at camp. Your child may not attend camp until we receive these forms.

Q. When do I pay my bill?
A.  Your camp balance must be paid by June 1st.  You may log in to your CampinTouch account and make payments via echeck at any time before June 1st.

You can send money into the camp at any time if you choose, before we email/send out the bills. This may help you pay towards your child’s tuition if you sign up early. Please include your child’s full name and the weeks that they are attending camp on the check.

An official bill will be emailed/sent to you at the end of May. ALL CAMP BALANCES must be paid on or before June 1st. This includes camp tuition, extended day care and bus transportation fees. If you sign your child/children up for camp AFTER June 1st, your camp balance must be paid in full. Please don’t bring in checks while dropping your child off at camp. It is a very busy time in the morning while we are checking in the campers.

Q. How much money should I send on snack bar day?
A. Snack bar day is on Friday. We usually sell a variety of candy to the campers. Everything is inexpensive, the average price per item is $1.50. Your child is responsible for their money.

Q. What do we do if it rains?
A. We have camp! We are lucky to have many covered buildings to help everyone stay dry. We will follow our rainy day schedule. Please send you child to camp with the appropriate clothing for a rainy day.  *No umbrella’s please.

Q. Should I pack a lunch for my child?
A. We provide lunch during the day for the campers.
If your child is on a special diet that they must follow, has food allergies or doesn’t like what we are serving, you can send a lunch with them. We will gladly refrigerate it for them. Please label the lunch bag with your child’s name and camp group.

Due to safety concerns, glass containers are prohibited.

We are all aware of the many types of allergies out there that our children are now faced with. As we try to make this a safe environment we encourage you to not send in any peanut butter, peanuts or any type of nut product with your child. Please talk to your child about food allergies and ask your child to never share food with another camper.

Q. Can I cancel camp weeks?
A. Yes you can, as long as all cancellations are made by April 1st. If you cancel after April 1st, you will still be billed for the week or weeks of camp and any additional options that you registered your child/children for.

Q. Can my child wear pull-ups or swim diapers?
No, all campers must be potty trained to be able to attend camp. They must be able to use the bathroom independently before beginning camp.

Q.  Can my child come to camp part time – less then 5 days a week?
Unfortunately no. We feel that camp is a great place for your child to grow, to start building their self-esteem and discover new skills. In order for them to do that, they must be comfortable in their environment with their fellow campers and staff leaders. Getting children used to the camp orientation together helps to create a bond that may not happen if the campers are attending camp part time. We also have many theme weeks and activities going on throughout the summer that a part time camper would miss out on. We feel attending camp part time would not benefit the camper. We love camp and want to hopefully pass the love of camp on to your child.