Work at Camp


*All camp staff must be available to work for the full eight weeks of camp and must be available for our mandatory staff orientation before camp starts and during camp. You must also be available for our camp Open House.

Being a staff member at Cedardale Groveland is more than just a summer job. It’s an unforgettable experience in a beautiful and secluded facility. Our camp staff and area directors are hired on the basis of their experience with children and expertise in a certain skill set. We do background checks and interview candidates for camp positions to make certain that camp employment will be mutually beneficial.

Each year Cedardale Groveland carefully selects new staff to work with our returning staff members. We have high expectations of our staff and we put a significant emphasis on hiring adults who we feel will serve as both great role models and transition nicely into our camp community. Our staff is highly motivated and participates fully in all camp activities. It’s a great opportunity to make a positive impact on children and to become part of our camp family.